About Us

"Bringing innovative government approach to change vision into reality.​" 


To be the central coordinating and problem solving body responsible for driving delivery and achievements of government of Punjab’s priorities for citizens.


Special Monitoring Unit is an independent, autonomous monitoring arm of the Punjab Chief Minister's Office. It provides strategic direction for improving service delivery across the spectrum of Punjab Government.  


  • Act as an independent, autonomous monitoring arm of the Chief Minister’s office to give strategic direction to Special Initiatives and to ensure that priorities of interventions are in line with the GoPb’s vision. 
  • Identify specific targets and delivery plans (maps, milestones, timelines and trajectories)  for radical improvements in the delivery of public service in the priority areas. 
  • Provide administrative support to the Chief Minister’s Advisory Council of Governance (ACG) in the implementation and delivery of Punjab Spatial Strategy. 
  • Assist the CM in identifying specific challenges in the delivery of public services in priority areas. 
  • Ensure sufficient departmental capacity to adopt strategic implementation abilities. 
  • Independently evaluate monitoring data and ensure facts are accurately presented to Chief Minister in Quarterly Progress Review and stocktake routines. 
  • Monitor implementation and progress through rigorous routines including Quarterly Progress Review and stocktakes to report progress to the CM. 
  • Facilitate a deliberative process including stakeholder consultation for the Chief Minister to finalize the delivery agenda. 
  • Facilitate coordination among various government departments/ agencies and provide a forum for problem solving on specific targets and delivery plans.