Clean Cities

The Punjab Clean Cities Roadmap encompasses reform in the Solid Waste Management (SWM) sector in Punjab. The roadmap was launched in November 2016 and the CM presides Stocktakes and reviews progress every three months. Currently the roadmap focuses on urban sector SWM in seven major cities of Punjab where waste is handled by Waste Management Companies (WMCs). The roadmap will expand to other cities of Punjab as well as rural areas, as ordered by the Chief Minister in the June Stocktake.

SMU works to ensure a cleaner, healthier lifestyle within the province by providing the Punjab government with the expertise required to expand and modify its existing WMCs (Waste Management Centers), as well as introducing new ones as part of a new program, phase 1 of which targets 7 specific cities in the province. This work is carried out alongside the introduction of new landfill sites, and the digitization of their corresponding monitoring systems. SMU also believes that the word ‘waste’ belies its usefulness, and are working to explore its economic potential.