Punjab Health Reforms Roadmap started in April, 2014. Chief Minister closely reviews the progress on the Roadmap through quarterly Stocktakes. SMU strives to ensure best provision of Primary and Secondary Health programmes, along with Specialized Health initiatives, are part of its endeavor to improve immunization levels, increase the provision of quality medicine, and tackle counterfeit drug rings across Punjab. 


The Nutrition Roadmap is designed to work with the Department to improve service delivery and improve outcome indicators such as those for wasting, stunting and exclusive breastfeeding. It aims to create public awareness on maternal & child nutrition and breastfeeding; provide nutritional supplements to children as well as pregnant and lactating women; and improve curative services which include Outpatient Therapeutic Centre at BHUs and RHCs as well as Stabilization Centers at THQs and DHQs. 


The Hepatitis Roadmap oversees and drives initiatives by the Department to prevent and treat the spread of hepatitis. Major interventions include making hospitals safe by implementing safe syringe and waste management strategies; targeted interventions for drug users, jail inmates, barbers, salons and other high risk groups; developing an integrated MIS tool for Hepatitis clinics, creating public awareness through community workers and mass media as well as forming strong regulatory and enforcement measures against syringes and quackery through the Hepatitis Bill. The roadmap focusses on improved hepatitis prevention services, improved access to quality diagnostic and treatment services, and improved hepatitis surveillance.