Structural Review of different Public Projects

E-Khidmant Markaz 

  • There are a number of departments in the public sector which are involved in the provision of services to citizens. Each department is providing one or more service using different set of processes which may be automated or manual. In order to facilitate the public interphase with various government departments / agencies; the Chief Minister Punjab issued directions / orders to establish public facilitation and service centres. The concept is to integrate all such services under one roof from where citizens could avail unhindered and easy access to governmental services. e-Khidmat Markaz concepts to integrate seventeen governmental services under one roof for citizens, easing Citizens vs. Governmental interphase. These services include issuance of Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Character Certificate, Motor Vehicle Registration, Token Tax Collection, Vehicle Transfer of Ownership, FARD, Learners Driving License, Traffic Fine Collection, Domicile Certificate, Issuance of CNIC, NADRA E-Sahulat, and Route Permit.
  • The SMU team completed a structural review of the center with a focus on financial sustainability, feasibility of services being provided, and benefits being provided to citizens and submitted its report along with a way forward on observed issues to the relevant authorities.

Violence Against Women Centre

  • South Asia’s first Violence against Women Center (VAWC) in collaboration with the Provincial Social Welfare Department on the 25th March of 2017 was established. VAWC, Multan is a 24-hour, all-women run facility where all disconnected justice delivery departments are brought under one roof- first aid, police reporting, police investigation, prosecution, medical examination and treatment, collection of forensic and other evidence, psychologist evaluation and counselling as well as post-trauma rehabilitation.
  • After making a surprise visit to VAWC, the SMU team published a report on the Human Resource and operational issues being faced by the center and submitted its report along with a way forward to the relevant authorities.